Purpose statement: 2nd Street Gallery will provide a public SALES opportunity for primarily local artist, by renting art hanging/display space and provide a rented classroom for continuing education for artists.

  1. Wall space size varies with minimum 5’ to be $40 per month.
  2. Pottery, art sculptures and statues, and wood art work space varies with pedestal size; i.e., 12″x12″ pedestal $10 per mo each.
  3. All art submissions will be juried for quality, in good taste and family friendly.
  4. All submitted art works must be attractively and sturdily framed or enclosed in a show kit labeled plainly as an original or type of print. All pottery, sculpted art and wood art must either have pedestal provided by artist. Possible limited shelving provided by gallery for pottery and wood work art (contact gallery for specifics).
  5. Contractual lease agreement to be executed.

2nd Street Gallery & Studio will receive 15% commission from the sale of artwork.

Gallery Responsibilities:

  • Maintain reasonable public open hours, promote artists, art sales and art classes in the community and on social media.
  • Rent display space as it is available from a waiting list, larger space rentals and the need for variety in the gallery may receive priority.
  • Collect & pay all applicable sales tax.
  • Issue a sales report every 2 months based on the artists inventory sheet.
  • Issue checks every 2 months for sold merchandise less 15% commission.
  • Create and place wall cards for the art work displayed from the artist inventory sheet.
  • Hang art or work with the artist to hang the art & Leave a message when the art is officially up on display.
  • Remove all art from the display area if rent is not paid on time.
  • All art will be handled with the utmost care but you are ultimately responsible for its safety. We cannot be held liable above the insurance we carry on content.
  • Provide wall space, dividers etc. and define the rented space. All other display racks for prints etc. must be approved and provided by the artist to suit their media.
  • Provide a work schedule & training for sales and maintenance operations for artists doing their volunteer work time. See the web site and notebook of helpful sample materials.
  • Maintain a written classroom schedule.  See the advertising in the gallery.
  • Provide classroom space to be rented as per the schedule, issue a receipt for the classroom rental fee paid in advance.
  • Provide basic classroom furniture and digital display monitor, & some classroom storage space for general supplies and locked teacher storage as per agreement.

Artist Responsibilities:

  1. Pay rent for the space on time and in advance for the 2 months, thereafter in 2 month cycles in advance.
  2. Fill out a completed inventory sheet with all pertinent information. Edit the report or file a new one when rotating art on display and replacing sold merchandise. 
  3. Rotate all art displayed for longer than 4 months so at least a portion of the display has changed.
  4. Provide high quality images for advertisement purposes on our web site and printing.
  5. Deliver art to the gallery for jury selection, only family friendly art will be accepted.
  6. Prepare and attach a Certificate of Authenticity to the back of each artwork. Click here for sample.
  7. Pick up any art not selected. Pick up art before the rent time is up.
  8. Volunteer in the gallery at a minimum of 1 full day per month (possibly more during busy season, 2nd Saturday’s and final Fridays).
  9. Only wires with screws and eye or D-ring hangers are allowed. (no saw tooth hangers)
  10. Provide your own print rack or rent one from the gallery for specific materials. All racks must be approved for appeal; easy maintenance and public safety.
  11. Promote the gallery & studio to help increase public sales and classes. Distribute postcard advertisements and business cards.
  12. Artist must insure their own work, including their art displayed in 2nd St Gallery & Studio.

Instructor Responsibilities:  

  1. Schedule the use of the classroom including the appropriate set up and clean up time.
  2. Pay in advance the rent fee.
  3. Clean up after your own class and follow the “leave- it- better –than –you-found-it” golden rule.
  4. Clean up any surface, supplies & spills etc. & replace table covering as needed.
  5. Lock up any supplies not for public use.
  6. Maintain a current student list with complete contact information in case of illness or emergency.
  7. Advertise your own classes and receive your own payments from students.
  8. Be responsible for opening/closing & lock up if your class is before/after gallery hours.
  9. Notify the Owner of problems, needs or suggestions for growth & improvement.
  10. Instructor approval required for class entry.