Creating Master Pieces with Michelle Mallow

10 Class Winter Series

Saturdays 10am-12noon, Ages 5 & Up

Cost per student $150, & $50 Supplies Fee

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Instructor Responsibilities:  

  1. Schedule the use of the classroom including the appropriate set up and clean up time.
  2. Pay in advance the rent fee.
  3. Clean up after your own class and follow the “leave- it- better –than –you-found-it” golden rule.
  4. Clean up any surface, supplies & spills etc. & replace table covering as needed.
  5. Lock up any supplies not for public use.
  6. Maintain a current student list with complete contact information in case of illness or emergency.
  7. Advertise your own classes and receive your own payments from students.
  8. Be responsible for opening/closing & lock up if your class is before/after gallery hours.
  9. Notify the Owner of problems, needs or suggestions for growth & improvement.
  10. Instructor approval required for class entry.