Dorn Moore

Dorn Moore Picture

Artist’s Statement: My work reflects nature pushing back at the unsightly blemishes on our disappearing landscape.  We all face the conundrum of responsibly using our earth’s resources and preserving them for future generations.  My emphasis is maintaining the beauty of open spaces free from unsightly wires, turbines, concrete and drones.   I use watercolors, inks, oils and acrylics [using the essence of each medium] to reflect unadulterated beauty.  Blazing color and movement portray the abundance offered to engage all of our senses. 

Art & Other Education

Wichita State University: studied Advanced Painting and Self-Directed Senior Project with Levente Sulyok

Emphasis on creating a cohesive body of work

Produced digital, abstract and traditional art

Participated in art installations

Learned frame building

Participated in interactive visiting artists lectures

Drawing: Wichita City Arts

Watercolor: Workshops with Susan Blackwood, Best of Show, American Women Artists National Juried Exhibition, hosted by Southwest Gallery in Dallas, Texas and many other awards

Oil: Workshop with Howard Friedland, selected for Master Signature Member status, Oil Painters of America and numerous other awards and accolades; classes with Naomi Ullum, known local artist

University of Southern California MBA


University of Kansas BA

Dorn Moore, artist – instructor 316-308-2384