Seeking new artists, all medium, sculpted art, pottery, wood working.

Sharon Engle

Owner & Artist

Sharon’s background began in about 2001 with decorative arts using acrylic paints. As experience grew in painting and through art classes…

Naomi Ullum

Artist & Instructor

Naomi Ullum, CDA experiences inspiration and delight in the creativity of God & finds purpose and fulfillment in life by being a Wife, Mother and Grandmother…

Nancy Lutrell


Nancy Luttrell retired in 2012 from the position of Professor of Violin at Wichita State University after teaching there for 32 years. As of 2018, she has been…

Dorn Moore


My work reflects nature pushing back at the unsightly blemishes on our disappearing landscape.  We all face the conundrum of responsibly using our…

Shari Bevan


As a native Wichitan, my artistic father fostered my love of painting.  At the age of three, he presented me with my own drawing board and a place to paint in his commercial art studio…